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Destination wedding photographer

Who is Louis Brunet?

Formerly engineer, Louis is a French wedding photographer since 2011. More than a job or a passion, being a destination wedding photographer is a wonderful journey and a life experience. Travel the world, meet wonderful couples, exchange views with foreign photographers, this is priceless…

What’s his purpose in life?

More than everything on earth, Louis loves his family that helps him finding creativity. His two daughters are also a way to keep a foot in childhood. He’s also very keen on learning, exploring and experiencing. As a result, traveling and meeting new cultures is an important goal in his life, that he’s sharing with his family.

Where will you find him?

Over the last few years, Louis has shot destination wedding in France, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Algeria and Andorra… He has also shot engagement sessions in Kenya, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey and Malta… Based in western France, he loves traveling. Fluent in French, English and Spanish, he always has a bag ready for a trip anywhere in the world.

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Why shall we work together?

What matters to you?

Treasuring special memories: Do you want to look back on the love you shared with your friends, family and your partner in life?
Expressing individuality: Do you have this little bit of madness, aren’t you afraid to break the rules and express your true self?
Embracing the moment: Do you enjoy laughing, loving and living life to the fullest?
Cherishing what’s around you: Do you appreciate the beauty in the world and in other people?

My main focus as a wedding photographer

Emotion… it’s at our core. It exposes our inner feelings over which at times we have no control. It is what makes us us. Emotion is the raw material of my work. I strive to capture it intensely in my images. It stimulates my creativity and allows me to tell your story. In order to capture genuine moments and true emotion, I have a non-invasive approach. It mean that I will not ask you to pose, but will be at the right place at the right time. And you will just enjoy your wedding… That’s the most important, isn’t it?


I endeavour to capture the moments of joy and emotions on your special day with sensitivity, in a documentary approach. Memories captured with spontaneity and authenticity convey a true sense of love felt on your wedding day.


A combination of refinement and sobriety bring out beauty in it’s purist reality. An elegant style with a touch of artistic flair transforms transient times into timeless pictures.


Few of us like the sense of being “on camera”. The right amount of discretion allows me to capture memories just as they were. If however you want to be daring, I can suggest some highly creative ideas to make the day extra special.

If you find a connection with my photos, in my way of perceiving people and capturing the moment, then pick up your phone and give me a call. We could meet over a glass of Champagne and you could tell me your story…

International Societies

I’m very proud to be part of the following international associations, listing the best wedding photographers of the world. These societies let us meet destination wedding photographer every year in Europe, America, Asia, during big meetings or conferences. Another role of these societies is to promote our work. Every year, they organize some contests and deliver awards, some of them being very prestigious…

I’m very happy to join these talented wedding photographers that have received international awards. You can have a look at them here.




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